DD Free Dish MPEG-4 Channel List

DD Free Dish viewers watching all of MPEG-4 Channel in MPEG-4 / HD Set Top Box

    Note:- The user having Free to Air Set Top Box which support MPEG-4/HD, DVB-S2, 8PSK can receive both MPEG-2 & MPEG-4 Format TV & Radio Channels

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11630 Vertical 30000 [LNB Freq-10600 & 22k-Off ]
1, Home Channel
2, Chandrikla Time
3, NaapTool 1
4, WOW Cinema
5, Home Shop 18
6, Sky Star Telugu
7, Aastha Bhajan
8, Aryan TV National
9, Satsang
10, Arihant TV
11, Subh TV
12, Vedic TV
13, ABP Ganga
14, Sky Star Bangla
15, Enter 10 Bangla
16, Oscar Bhojpuri
17, Test-616
18,, Test-617
19, DD News HD
20, DD National HD

Total Channels 100 TV Channels
80 MPEG-2 TV Channels on DD Free Dish
20  MPEG-4 TV Channels on DD Free Dish